The Shetland Islands (Part 2)

Day 3: Lerwick => Aberdeen => Edinburgh

Having survived the cold night, we all felt prepared for a further day on the Shetland Islands. Today we wanted to discover the Southern Mainland. After grabbing some food at our beloved supermarket Tesco, we hit the road. On our way we had a funny experience, because when you want to go to the Soutern part of the Islands, you must pass Sumburgh Airport, or I should rather say you have to cross the roadway of the airport. I imagine that’s a nice thing, when an airplan wants to land ;).

We visited the prehistoric archaeological site Jarlshof. It reminded me a little bit of Hobbington, as the grass was so green and there were so many entries to underground „houses“. Lucky enough, the sight closed offically one day ago (we had the 1st of October). But due to the good weather, we could go there and didn’t have to pay 🙂

At the entrance of the parking lot, we had seen some Shetland Ponies (yeah, not the first ones on this weekend) and decided to make a short stop on our way back, so we could say that we touched „the original Shetland Ponies“. And we did… These are the two Sweeties. Now I only need to find a Highland Cow and I’m happy 😉

After the ponies, we wanted to see some more „wild“ animals and contiued to the most southern spot of the Mailand, Sumburgh Head, to get a glimpse on the seabird colony. Unfortunately, we saw no puffins and the dolphins stayed away, too. But the view was nice and we could visit another lighthouse. But what would an island be without a nice beach?! So, next stop: St. Ninian’s Beach. But before we got to the „real“ beach , we stopped also at another one and I was able to test the water of the North Sea.

As you may guess: YES, my right foot got wet as well :P. The special feature of the beach was that we saw two seals, which came very close to the shore – nice compensation for the absent dolphins. Afterwards, we continued to St. Ninian Beach. And this one is really nice, because it connects the Mainland with an small island. We walked up the hill of the island and made our way to the far away cliffs (using an „inoffcial“ way: a sheep-run). I can’t really describe, how beautiful this place is. So I will let the pictures speak for themselves 🙂

Now that we had seen the East, the North, the West and the South of the Mainland, we had only one goal left: Finding a nice place to eat. We went to Scallowway and then to Lerwick, but the series of the „bad-food-on-the-road“ continued and it wasn’t really a pleasure… So I will just continue with our preparations for the ferry, on which we checked in at around 6.30pm.

We left Lerwick and spent the way back in the same way we had spent our journey to Lerwick: Drinking beer and playing „Yaniv“. As we had to get up at 6am, we went to „bed“ (the sleeping seats) at around 12am. Thanks to the stormy night and the sleepless nights before, we all slept more or less well. Finally, we arrived in Aberdeen again, indulging us in a Scottish breakfast.

The trip was wonderful and due to the nice taxi-driver in Edinburgh, I arrived at my 11am class on time. Cheers 🙂

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