The Shetland Islands (Part 1)

Day 1: Edinburgh => Aberdeen => Lerwick

Directly after my Friday morning class, I headed to the Waverly Station to catch my train to Aberdeen. The ride warmly reminded me of Germany (in the truest sense of the word), because the air condition in my coach was out of order and as the last few days were surprisingly warm, I was really sweating. Finally, I arrived in Aberdeen and met with my friends, who already drove there in the morning. As it was already 5pm, we headed to the harbour and a short time later, we were on the ferry. At 7pm, we left Aberdeen, standing on the windy upper deck.

As we had a long ride to go (12 hours), we went inside, had dinner and afterwards went to the bar. Provided with beer and a deck of a playing cards, we spend the remaining evening drinking and playing „Yaniv“. The time went by very fast and around 12/1am, we decided to go to our sleeping seats. Most of the other passengers already laid on the floor, so it was obvious that the seats weren’t as comfortable as I hoped they would be. It took around two hours till I finally managed to sleep. At 6.30am we got up again to get ready for the breakfast. Re-energized by bacon and toast, we arrived in the harbour of Lerwick, the capital of the Shetland Islands.

At the harbour we got our rented car and started our trip. The first stop was a spot in the North of the Mainland (Eshaness), where we could marvel at the beautyful shore of the Shetland Islands (and climb some cliffs:P).

Back at the car, we decided to have lunch before our next stop and went to Brae. I chose the Scottish Salmon in Lemon Butter with Chips, yummie 😉 Afterwards, we continued to Muckle Roe (or as we called it „Maccaroni“) and started our tour to the lighthouse with stops at a little beach and various tops of different hills (mostly going off-highway).

The hiking was really exhausting, but finally we arrived at the most ugliest and least spectacular lighthouse I have ever seen (funny enough, nobody took a picture of it). But nearby was a little bay, where we saw two seals 🙂

For the night, we had chosen a „Böd“, a former store for sail fishing boats‘ gear, which is now used as really rustical guest accomodation ( – without heater! After buying some food for dinner, we arrived at our doss. Being totally tired from the journey and the first day, I only wanted to take a hot shower. Although there was a water heater, the shower was really… „refreshing“. But to get rid of the whole sweat was perfect 😉 After our dinner, we moved to one of the small rooms of the Böd (with a small stove), drank wine and warmed us at the fire. It was really cozy and a nice experience. It reminded me, how lucky I am having so much luxery in my everyday life. Later on, we decided to stay in the room (to surive the night:P).

After a very cold night and a good breakfast, we started again. Our destination for the second day: the Southern Mainland. Welcomed by the sun, we were of good cheer, looking forward to see more of the Shetland Islands.

To be continued …

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