Weekend trip to the Highlands

Day 1 – Heading to the West

As Monday was a national holiday in Scotland, me and some of my friends decided to use the long weekend to explore the Highlands. Starting at 12 am on Saturday with three rented cars and 14 people, we headed to the west coast. Our destination: Fort William, famous for the highest mountain of the UK, the Ben Nevis.

Most of the time of our first day we spent in the cars, because the distances are very long and the speed limits frustrating. Nevertheless, we could experience the beauty of the Highlands on our way to Fort William.

Surrounded by mountains, Lochs and typical Highland animals – such as sheep and my beloved highland cows – we finally reached the west coast. In Fort William, we checked in at our Hostel and explored the famous backpacker city. Of course we also tried out one pub in the evening 😉

Day 2 – The Isle of Skye

Waking up in Fort William, the sun was shining and we started the day with a nice breakfast. Around 10am we continued our journey.

Our first stop was Glenfinnan, famous for his monument and the aqueduct (set for several Harry Potter-movies as railway of the Hogwarts Express). Besides these two special features, Glenfinnan has a really beatiful surrounding.

Our second stop was Eilean Donan Castle, where parts of the Highlander movie were shot.

After a late lunch, we finally arrived at the Isle of Skye. A beatiful Island, located at the Scottish west coast. Starting a round trip, we had a short stop in Portree, a nice little village with a small harbour. Then we continued our tour, but finally decided to break off and head to Inverness, because it was already very late.

We arrived in Inverness aroung 10.30pm.

Day 3 – Loch Ness

After a short night, we continued our tour with a quick visit of Inverness. Then we went to the final destination of our tour: Loch Ness. From famous Uruquart Castle, we had a great view on Nessie’s home and the surrounding.

In the Nessie Centre we took part in a tour, dealing with years of „Finding the Beast“. A quite funny and interesting exihibition.

In the late afternoon, we started our way back home. Aroung 8.30pm we arrived in Edinburgh. Exhausted, but totally happy for having seen the wonderful Highlands 🙂

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